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Manufacturing of wooden houses «Promstroyles»

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At the high-tech plant «Promstroyles», founded in the Leningrad Region in 1996, a modern and environmentally-friendly building material from wood is produced for any future construction. The logging team of «Promstroyles» selects the best trees in the rented forest plot. We deliver, saw and produce the latest materials on the imported equipment from glued beams or logs till heat-insulated timbers, half-timbering structures and CLT-panels.

The manufacturing line of «Promstroyles» allows building of:

  • Non-shrinking houses made of glued beams;
  • Houses of permanent residence from the heat-insulated glued beams with a stopper;
  • Houses and country-houses from glued logs;
  • Houses made of round logs and by manual chopping;
  • Elite fachwerk cottages in the style of «Pagano»
  • German fachwerk houses;
  • Multi-storey CLT houses from the glued panels (X-Lam);
  • Frame-panel and frame houses.
  • Modular comfort houses for the commercial use.


Plant for the production of wooden houses «Promstroyles»

Modern equipment

Glued joists and rafters for the construction of wooden houses are manufactured at the «Promstroyles» plant using the Grikon, Weining, Polzer, Rex, Spanevello, Hundegger equipment.

Manufacturing of wooden houses «Promstroyles»
Manufacture of wooden building materials «Promstroyles»
Production and construction company «Promstroyles»


Main Directions Of Our Manufacturing

Natural raw materials and modern German equipment make it possible to obtain the construction materials of high quality, which allows us to give the guarantee of a few dozen years.

The production of CLT panels in Russia, the company «Promstroyles»
Cross-laminated timber panels CLT (X-Lam) «Promstroyles»
Monolithic wood panel CLT (X-Lam) «Promstroyles»


It is produced with the German CNC-portal bridge "Hundegger". The pressing and glue lubricating are with the Italian CNC-portal.

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Glued Beem With The 'Corkbeam' Stopper

It is produced on the German machine tools with CNC 'Hundegger K2' and on the specialized equipment of Austrian company 'Aver Twin'.

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Production of laminated timber insulated with cork oak «Corkbeam»
Manufacturer of laminated timber insulated with cork «Corkbeam»
Plant for the production of cork laminated veneer lumber «Corkbeam»
Manufacture of laminated beams from «Promstroyles»
Manufacturer of laminated beams «Promstroyles»
Plant for the production of laminated beams «Promstroyles»

Glued Log

It is produced on the specialized Finnish line for cutting cups in the upper and lower planes of a log.

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The fachwerk panel of the house is produced on the hydraulic assembly tables to specify a high precision of the geometric dimensions of the panel and the installation clearances of high accuracy contiguity.

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Production Fachwerk-Panels for construction of houses «Promstroyles»
Factory on manufacture of Fachwerk panels «Promstroyles»
Manufacturer of wood paneling timbered from the company «Promstroyles»
Manufacture of wooden modular homes from a company «Promstroyles»
Plant for the production of modular homes for various purposes from «Promstroyles»
Manufacturer of modular houses, villas and cottages from «Promstroyles»

Modular Houses

This production takes place on assembly stands of the conveyor type. The module moves along the conveyor and is filled with the engineering networks. Also finishing, painting works, installation of devices and furniture are carried out stage-by-stage at the plant "Promstroyles".

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Manufacturing Of Joinery Products

Production of wooden Windows and balcony blocks from the company «Promstroyles»


Our company manufactures wooden window and balcony blocks made of pine, using German technology. For the production of window units, three-layer glued beams with thickness of 3.2 in. of our own production are used. To produce the beam, a radial cut board is used, which passes a multi-stage machining cycle on the imported equipment.

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Trade entrance, balcony and interior wooden doors «Promstroyles»


The plant "Promstroyles" produces entrance, interior and balcony wooden doors from a three-layer glued timber of own manufacture on the German equipment according to modern quality standards. Balcony or interior doors are completed with double-glazed windows 1.4 in. thick.

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Manufacture of wooden stairs from glued beams «Promstroyles»


One of the proposals of "Promstroyles" company is the production of wooden stairs, created according to the wishes of a customer and a general style of the room. Glued beams stairs are made of quality wood (coniferous species, beech and oak). The manufacturing of main ladder parts takes place automatically in the CNC-machine of the German company 'IMAKlessmannGmbH'.

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Video about the production of «Promstroyles»

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