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Modern building modular homes

The technology of building modular homes
Production technology of modular homes
Technology of construction of modular homes

The latest development of the company «Promstroyles»® - modular building of CLT plates

The main trends of modern modular construction

The increasing popularity in Russia is gaining the direction of the construction modular homes.

Construction of wooden modular buildings company «Promstroyles»

The construction of stationary structures of standard modules-blocks, each of which is fully prepared to move premises a specific destination: living room, office, bedroom, sauna, bathroom, etc.).

The imagination of the architect almost unlimited. Modules are about as simple and high-tech buildings (caravans and cabins) and colossal shopping centres and sport centres. Housing construction is allocated, on the one hand, industrial construction apartment buildings, skyrocketing (modular skyscrapers - for example, the project of a skyscraper in Hamburg architectural office Weingarter Architects), and with another - the modular construction of luxury villas with unique architecture.

Construction of modular homes is moving in the direction of innovation, environmental friendliness, energy-saving technologies and alternative energy sources. So in the skyscraper, about 70% of all structures made of wood. And the use of photovoltaic panels becomes almost the rule. However, still,in building construction designs, ensuring the rigidity of the structure, remain metallic, and the shell of a capsule, along with wood, glass, sandwich panels, plastic and is traditional concrete.

Of special note is the construction of a fully modular wooden houses. And in this industry, our company is on the leading positions.

What offers the company «Promstroyles»?

  1. We build modular homes made of wooden materials (wall structures are a combination of CLT panels and timber-framed panels). About the properties and advantages of these materials you can read here. The use of cross-laminated wood materials gives the design a high strength and stiffness combined with relatively low weight. That allows you to build not only the utility of low-rise buildings or small villas with cottages and large house apartment and corridor types, up to 4 floors.
  2. New technologies allow to build wooden modular homes monoblocks, and the size of such a module can reach up to 12 metres in length and 4 in width.
  3. All internal communications and engineering networks - water supply and drainage (including plumbing), electrical (including the installation of lighting devices) and heating - built in, shipped from the factory units.
  4. Internal finishes are fully implemented, to select the material and method you can decide: whether to sheathe clapboard, stay on painted plasterboard or prefer Wallpaper, to decorate whether wall panels from valuable breeds of wood - our specialists are ready to fulfill your every wish.  Choice of flooring - laminate, ceramic tile, parquet from valuable breeds of wood, too, for you.
  5. Available to the company «Promstroyles» construction technology of modular wooden houses give you the opportunity to build a house in any architectural style: from the Chalet to high-tech.

Preparations for the construction of modular homes «Promstroyles»

Please contact our specialists - they will answer all questions related to modular wood construction.
And maybe soon you will become the owner of a modern, clean, warm and cozy home.

Projects are modular homes from the company «Promstroyles»

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