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Projects luxury homes

Company «Promstroyles» for the past several years is at the leading position in the market of elite building of houses and cottages in St. Petersburg and Moscow. This is not surprising because we offer a comprehensive building construction turnkey, taking into account the capabilities and needs of each customer.

Projects of elite houses from the manufacturer «Promstroyles»

«Promstroyles» has an impeccable reputation and has positioned itself as an elite company for the construction of houses, so we are happy to offer our customers the unique designs of premises and personal approach to each. We have prepared the draft standard luxury cottages with total area up to 100 sq. m., and our experts will help You to determine the best option. Thus, You have the opportunity to buy a luxury home or a house key, which price may be adjusted for every budget.

Luxury cottages «Pagano»

Possible construction technologies of the Italian cottages «Pagano»: fachwerk, CLT, frame-panel.


Exclusive fachwerk houses

Possible construction technology German half-timbered houses: fachwerk, CLT, frame-panel.


Elite houses from glued beams

Possible technologies of construction of luxury cottages and houses from glued beams: glued log, glued beam, insulated beams.


Our advantages:

  • We produce materials of high quality raw materials in our own factory, which is located in Saint-Petersburg.
  • In our domain has its own logging area, which is located in the Leningrad region, so we guarantee the high quality level we use wood.
  • In addition to the frame structures and wall panels, also we manufacture our own Windows, doors and stairs made of wood, so we are engaged in complex construction using own materials and You can buy a luxury house or a house key, the price of which would be acceptable.

Elite construction - site development

Offers for sale luxury homes and wooden cottages in Saint-Petersburg and other regions of Russia. We have mastered different regions: Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod, Yekaterinburg, and even distant corners of our country, such as Vladivostok. Production of materials is carried out at the plant in St. Petersburg, however, our luxury cottages from the manufacturer is also popular in various European countries such as UK, Germany, Sweden, Holland and others. This wide coverage reflects the excellent quality of our services and the loyalty of our customers. We are pleased to continue to develop and conquer new horizons, offering projects from reliable and trusted developers.

Luxury wooden house or cottage turnkey

The company values its good name and an excellent reputation, therefore we use only reliable raw materials. For us, the important environmental safety and compliance with all sanitary standards, so we specializiruetsya on the construction of houses made of valuable breeds of wood, as the material is safe for health. The company offers luxury wooden houses turnkey in St. Petersburg and other regions of Russia and abroad. Among the structures erected by us can be listed:

  • Fachwerk structures, the frame which is laminated veneer lumber. Today, this style of construction ranks high in popularity. Came to us from past centuries, an unusual type of building construction has long been common in Europe, and now it is gaining momentum and in the regions of Russia. This is not surprising because the half-timbered houses are reliable, despite the fact that the frame type of construction does not weigh down the weight of the building and does not even require an in-depth Foundation. Luxury wooden houses from glued beams or logs will look stylish and due to its durability will serve You for many decades.
  • No less popular today, frame and panel construction. As the load-bearing structure again used laminated veneer lumber. We can offer You different options for interior and exterior decoration. Therefore, You have the opportunity to buy projects of luxury homes in "Promstroyles", or you can make corrections and change some details of the finished project at your discretion.
  • Convenient and fast construction is the construction of modular homes. This service also can offer our company. It can be as standard construction from prefabricated modules, and completely unique building for Your individual project.

To buy a luxury house "turnkey", You need to contact the company "Promstroyles". By using only quality materials and the labor of our highly skilled professionals, the house, designed and built by our company, will delight You for years to come.

How to find out the price for a typical or individual project luxury home?

  1. Consult employees in the office or on the phone: 8(800)775-83-84;
  2. Independently on the page "calculator" or "send application" using the appropriate form located below.


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