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Volumetric-modular technology

Modular technology in modern construction

Block-containers for modular construction Modular homes belong to the category of prefabricated buildings. The future home owner during the construction may use a different number of standard modules to create a home from concrete, the necessary configuration. The main advantage of this construction is the high speed of construction. The average production time at home from scratch - about two months from the date of the order. And this is considering the manufacture of modules at the plant, delivery and Assembly on site (for certain types of homes times are reduced to quite "unreal" - Toyota produces modular homes on the assembly line for 6 hours!)

From the first American "homes on wheels" to the present time is stored in two main directions that are followed by modular technology. The first concerns the development of mobile monoblocks: motoring and motor homes set on a light Foundation block containers, which if necessary can be moved to another location without disassembly. This candy bar trying to place the entire "house" as a whole, aiming at a minimum of space to create maximum comfort for life. This is subject to all: planning, ventilation, heating, power, interior, furniture.

The second trend - the development and production of almost to full readiness of the individual blocks of rooms for various purposes, of which a single design is going directly to the site of installation by the articulation of the premises in the required structure. In a similar "division of labour" is the main difference of this technology from other types of housing - and in it lie all the main its benefits.

Projects are modular homes from the company «Promstroyles»


The main advantages of modular technology

Modular technology in practiceModular technology allow, if necessary, to carry out the demolition of the house, the transportation and Assembly at the new location in the same way;

  • Significantly reduced construction time;
  • All work on the manufacture and finishing of individual blocks of rooms are being produced industrially under the roof of the plant without the influence of external conditions and under strict control (which is not always possible to achieve on site), than the significantly reduced defect rate and improved quality;
  • The place of Assembly modules come with Windows, doors, paved internal engineering networks and even with the finish that drives the whole process of "construction" for the installation of units at the project location and connection to external networks. Such activities do not harm the environment, and modular homes are considered to be one of the areas of green building;
  • Collected house earthquake-resistant, can withstand hurricane winds, have excellent insulation, which allows their use in different climatic conditions;
  • In the layout of the modular homes are almost no restrictions. Contrary to public opinion, they are not necessarily similar to each other - the house can be designed in any architectural style at the request of the customer.
  • The construction cost is quite competitive. First, costs are reduced due to quick and convenient installation. Second, generally, modern mass-produced, and therefore expensive materials without sacrificing quality, of course.


Company «Promstroyles» is one of the leaders of this promising type of construction offers clients a unique opportunity: to build a traditional city life wooden house by the most advanced technology.

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