Construction Technology


The advantages of the technology CLT

When compared to related technologies of construction (concrete, masonry, beams, frame houses) technology CLT stands out clear competitive advantages:

100% natural coniferous boards

Dimensional stability, nepronitsaemo, windproof walls and joints

The ability of the combined interior and exterior walls without preparatory work

The possibility of installation of curtain walls

The possibility of using cross-beam panels in the floors

The possibility of building houses up to 10 floors

High fire resistance

The possibility of implementing any architectural style

100% finish and wiring networks on the factory

100% ecology, including the adhesive system

High seismic resistance

Low thermal conductivity (0,13 W/MK) and high specific thermal capacity (of 2.10 kJ/kg)

High interior partitions, floors soundproofing

The lack of dynamic vibrations in the floors (trampoline effect)

The possibility of selection on the plant front slats species and grades for finishing

6 times lighter than concrete

Dimensional stability and static strength in all directions.

Reduction of construction time by 2 times. Wooden monolithic slab, glued at the factory of dry wood, does not require the plaster, thereby allowing to reduce the time of finishing works and the commissioning of the building.

The increase of interior space by reducing the thickness of the walls (1/3 compared to concrete and glulam)

Easy handling during construction and a high level of prefabrication contributes to the rapid completion of the project. This is a key advantage, particularly in multi-storey buildings (5-10 floors).

Hundreds of spectacular buildings erected around the world for CLT-technology, demonstrate the many advantages that this product can offer the construction industry.

CLT panels are well proven in the erection of large span structures. The ability of exterior and combination of CLT panels with any facing material (brick, stone, imitation logs, etc.) makes the technology versatile and adaptable to any architectural style, especially for Hi-Tech.

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