Construction Technology


Introduction and the history of CLT technology

In the mid 90-ies of the last century the Austrian Association of the wood industry conducted research that led to the development of new technologies for modifying wood, which was called "CLT-technology". At the beginning of this century the construction of new technologies has significantly increased. Specialists in construction believe that the demand growth is associated with the popularization of the idea of "green movement" around the world, which requires in particular, and the reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere during the production of building materials for mass construction.

In 2012 the company "beaver house" (trade mark "Promstroyles")
launched a line for the production of CLT panels in Saint-Petersburg.

America (Chicago) - the skyscraper of laminated wall panels made of wood CLT
Conceptual design of a wooden skyscraper in Chicago, "Big Wood," the American architect Michael Charters award of the skyscraper project, conducted by the magazine "e Volo" in 2013

CLT technology is now widely used as a replacement for such materials as

Also one of the important factors in the development of CLT-technology is the understanding that the CLT-plate (such as concrete or masonry) is a system for the heavy construction industry.Such systems are characteristic for both low-rise and multi - storey residential buildings in many European countries.

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