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Laminated plate PSL (CLT-technology)

«Promstroyles»® - the first and only one in Russia manufacture CLT plate since 2012

Construction technology CrossLam

The world is going crazy with new construction technology to build high-rise buildings without the use of metal and concrete.

In October 2012, in Melbourne, the builders proceeded to finish built 10-storey Forte in height of 32 meters, which allowed the Australians to surpass the record of British builders who constructed in 2008 in London 9-storey "Murray grove" (30 meters).

The design came out resistant and extremely durable. It is lighter than concrete and is much superior to the latter in the characteristics of thermal conductivity, which can reduce the consumption of hot water and heat by almost a quarter.

Studies have shown that, on the basis of this material it is possible to build a 30 story building and in a hybrid construction, using sometimes metal and concrete. There are already projects a 33-storey skyscraper in Stockholm, and 44-story in Chicago with the same name «Big Wood»

CLT panel - what is it?

What kind of unique material? In the West it is called CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), which translates to English as cross-puff wooden materials, sandwich panels of wood. Made as pillars and beams and slabs, and wall panels. For the latter, made by CLT-technology, you can see terms like Cross Lam-panel and x-lam panel.

The panels are a laminated monolithic structure of the slats, rotated 90 degrees relative to each other. While each of the slats is also a gluing of boards or bars mixed with wood fibers. Cross-stitching ensures the complete absence of internal stresses and deformations of the material, enhanced durability, excellent performance resistance to compression and to tension. This material is environmentally friendly because it uses only natural adhesives that allow the wood to "breathe".

Even the Finnish builders, very strict environmental requirements of construction sites, erected in Helsniki whole block of high-rise buildings of CLT panels.

Russian manufacturer of CLT panels

In Russia, pioneers in the construction of houses on this technology is the company "Promstroyles", which has launched its own production line layered wood plates (titled PSL-plate) in Saint-Petersburg.

We produced of large wooden blocks two classes taken to denote the technical characteristics of the CrossLam panels.

1. Construction class "B", without finishing

2. Class "A" - with finishing facade or interior decoration.

Made of large wooden blocks of spruce or pine, in finishing it is possible to use veneer of valuable sorts of wood.

Own production of CLT panels in Saint Petersburg

Our own production provides a full cycle of processing wood for the manufacture of large wooden blocks, which includes the following steps:

  1. Wood drying.
  2. Planing and preparation of the individual lamellae, merging them into a monolithic sheet.
  3. All slats are glued together in the desired number of layers on a heavy industrial press.
  4. Cutting and sawing of desired configuration on portal multifunction centre Hundegger BB.

We also have the possibility to insert in wall window pane and perform any finishing to customer requirements directly on the Assembly line.

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