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Glued Laminated Timber With Cork «Corkbeam»

Heat-insulated cork glued laminated timber “Corkbeam” is a unique 100% natural material for permanent residence house construction.

Cork Glued Laminated Timber «Сorkbeam» 120
«Сorkbeam» 120
Cork Glued Laminated Timber «Сorkbeam» 160
«Сorkbeam» 160
Cork Glued Laminated Timber «Сorkbeam» 210
«Сorkbeam» 210


Cork glued laminated timber “Corkbeam” for homes is an innovative product developed jointly by German, Italian and Russian engineers especially for year-round residence houses in Northern and mountain regions with a cold climate.

For customers

“Corkbeam” houses are produced and sold by us only as a set of external and internal walls and their assembling, if desired.

All other work "turnkey" run directly by construction companies accredited by us for installation of this series and get an estimate, according to the Customer’s specifications.

Necessary materials, such as beams, boards for joists, rafters, floors, ceilings; insulation, windows, doors, hardware, etc. are designed in such a way that they can be bought independently in any construction market.

Thus, we optimize the final cost of construction, excluding overhead.

Specification of other materials and drawings for their assembling are provided after signing of the Supply Agreement.

Comparison of conventional laminated and insulated timber with cork

Useful information

What technology is suitable for year-round residence houses?

For year-round residence houses in the region of St. Petersburg and Moscow, the required thermal resistance is R = 3.1 m2•°C/W. On this basis, the house for year-round living can be: a frame-panel, built of CLT boards (X-lam), half-timbered house, a house built of winter glued laminated timber / log (composite cork agglomerate glued laminated timber). Traditional glued laminated timber, glued log, manual felling and roundup belong to holiday houses for seasonal residence. For example, a 200 mm glued laminated timber has an R = 1.7 m2•°C/W, (instead of 3.1 m2•°C/W).

Possible combinations of “Corkbeam” glued laminated timber production:

Advantages of heat-insulated glued laminated timbers

  • In addition to its unique thermal properties, the cork glued laminated timber "Corkbeam" saves the inner square of the house due to its smaller thickness.
  • Besides, the oak cork is not afraid of water, but is permeable to steam (the house “breathes” through the walls).
  • Insulated cork glued laminated timber "Corkbeam" is made of cork oak and selected pine or spruce and is therefore 100% natural product.
  • When buying a house built of the cork glued laminated timber "Corkbeam", You save in heating costs up to 100%, benefit in the areas of premises up to 30% and, as the result, save in the cost of construction up to 50%.

Price of cork glued laminated timber “Corkbeam”

Name Thickness. B, mm Hight H, mm Length L, m Wood species Price, rub./m3 Humidity, %
1 Cork glued laminated timber 120 190 1,0 - 6,0 Spruce / Pine 45 000 10 – 12
2 Cork glued laminated timber 160 190 1,0 - 6,0 Spruce / Pine 50 000 10 – 12
3 Cork glued laminated timber 210 190 1,0 - 6,0 Spruce / Pine 55 000 10 – 12

Price list for glued laminated timber “Corkbeam”

Price of the set of walls of the house “Corkbeam”

Laminated Timber «Corkbeam» in Fachwerk

Catalog of houses built of heat-insulated glued laminated lumber


Which heat-insulated timber is really good?

The two main advantages of the heat-insulated timber, which everyone knows, are its low thermal conductivity (0.025 W/m*degree - for FPU, about 0.04 for ecowool) compared to usual glued laminated timber (about 0.1) and lightness. However, advertising a new product, few reports about its inherent problems. Foamed polyurethane is not breathable, therefore an additional ventilation device is needed in the house. Cellulose wool dampens faster than the wood itself, and it dries inside the enclosed space slowly, moreover rodents like to settle in it.

When the heat- insulation material is destroyed (even after some time), all the properties of the walls are sharply reduced - both strength, and thermal conductivity, etc. It is impossible to replace it in such a structure. The company "Promstroyles" offers its customers exclusive material - real warm glued laminated timber. This is not a panel or a framework with a heat-insulation. This is no less than a five-layer timber, in which the halves of some lamellas are replaced by cork layers. Houses with insulated cork are appreciated in the real estate market. This material keeps heat well. Cork inserts are staggered, and thus do not affect the properties of the timber, which remains uniform throughout its length. Pressed into the wood inserts are not destroyed.

At the same time, the timber itself becomes much lighter. And the thermal conductivity of the cork (0.035) is higher than that of the cellulose wool and only inferior to the polyurethane foam a bit. Your house built of glued laminated timber will remain warm even in frosty weather. To retain heat in the house you need a strong material that perfectly keep the heat, for this reason, we advise you to buy a cork timber, the price of which is listed in the sections of our website. The company "Promstroyles" is engaged in the construction of houses built of glued laminated timber in Europe, regions of Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg), we offer the construction of a winter house built of glued laminated timber. The winter climate in our territories is particularly severe, but the cold will not frighten you, due to the reliable technology of house erecting.

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