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«Promstroyles»® - we have been producing glued log for more than 20 years

Manufacture of glued log from the company «Promstroyles»
Manufacturer of glued log «Promstroyles»
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What is a glued log as a construction material?

Nowadays we can note the growing interest in constructions built with the use of wood such as glued laminated timbers, CLT-panels, glued log.

Due to this interest is simple: construction materials of this type, while maintaining natural advantages of wood (being breathable, ecology, elegance), have almost no its disadvantages. Due to the technology of gluing differently oriented wood components (timbers or lamellaes) together, they do not crack, practically do not change geometry or dimension; they are one and a half times stronger than solid wood and have excellent thermal properties.

Of course, the timber, and the solid panel wall do not have a thin (literally and figuratively) areas which are present in log constructions. The joints of the logs always have a high risk of cold bridging (especially in corners), therefore, they require thorough heat insulation. A cone-shaped geometry, as a rule, causes difficulties with structural erection.


We have been manufacturing glued log made of high-quality wood with the use of the German equipment since 1996.


We eliminate defects of log construction

Glued log in the construction of private houses


However, the centuries-old traditions of Russian wooden architecture, preferred a log, even today are the decisive factor when choosing a building material. A log, the peeled tree body is more attractive for us than other shapes. It is peculiar and picturesque. The natural pattern of its polished surface fascinates, so a wall built of logs practically requires practically no finishing.

However, only the production of new high-tech material allow tradition lovers to enjoy the classic traditions of wooden houses and forget shrinkage, cracks, regular caulking and other disadvantages of wooden constructions.

Before the country house is constructed with the use of this wonderful “wood”, natural logs are sawn into several parts, dried, defects are eliminated, and the parts are glued so that the wood fibers of the side lamellaes “look” in different directions in relation to the central timber. Then the glued parts are dried under a press.

A glued log is cylindered so that it has equal length and smooth rounded shape. Due to it angle bridles can be made immediately in the workplace. Joints and bowls are cut with the use of the shaper cutter, the dimensions of which are calculated on the computer, so when assembling a house at the site, the gaps in the joints are minimal. The house is assembled as a children's construction toy, that is to say quickly and efficiently.

What is more profitable: a glued log or a natural one?

Probably, the only drawback of the new material is the relatively high cost. But significant difference of assembly time and quality compensate the part of material purchase expenses. Moreover the operating costs during the long years of operation will be lower than in buildings of usual materials.

Do you want to build your own house with the use of glued logs? Our experts will advise you on the cost of the log house and construction terms!

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