Construction Technology


Manual cutting

ручная рубкаHome manual felling is the optimal solution for a rural area or the suburbs, because these cabins are durable and environmentally friendly. Our company "Promstroyles" carries out designing and construction of elite wooden houses. You can look at standard projects in the directory and then discuss with the Manager details of the fabrication of the framework.

Advantages and features of the buildings

  • Durability. Logs for a long time retain their natural look.
  • High environmental impact. Safe material will especially appeal to those who care about the safety of the environment.
  • Affordable price on hand-cut house. By choosing the frame, you get the superior quality at optimum cost.
  • Excellent heat insulation properties. In a wooden building year round to maintain optimum temperature.

Luxury homes of wood do not require additional finishing. Wood has a great appearance, so you can save money on the finishing work.

The choice of wood

For wooden houses in our company used logs with a diameter of 28-35 cm, however, depending on climatic conditions, size may vary.

For the production of logs of manual cutting are most commonly used softwood. One of the most popular and inexpensive option is the spruce, pine and larch. These rocks are extremely hard and durable.

Of course, you can build a house from hardwood, but more often they are used for baths and roof structures.

One of the best quality materials can be called oak. This is no accident, because the wood has amazing durability. As a top coating for wood used antiseptic compounds that preserve the material from decay.

The ways of dressing of logs

Important in the construction of a log home is a way of fixing the logs together. The specialists of "Promstroyles" uses two the most practical methods.

The first method is laying grooves "in a paw", that is, without projecting angles. This dressing is quite time consuming, but allows to reduce the consumption of wood.

If the client wants the frame was more stable, and you select this kind of dressing, like styling "in the bowl". A characteristic feature of this variant are the protruding edges of the logs.

The stages of construction

Our company "Promstroyles" in Saint-Petersburg carries out construction of houses made of logs "turnkey". You can order the construction of a premium from the manufacturer, ready to move:

  • The first stage is the development of the design project of elite cottage. The company's specialists will carry out the necessary measurements and create a project at home.
  • After approval of the plan for the construction of the estimate. Our experts make full payment of the price "turnkey".
  • Then your site preparatory works.
  • The construction is hand-cut house begins with the pouring of the Foundation and the drainage device.
  • This is followed by the Assembly frame.
  • The next stage involves roofing and facade works, installation of Windows and doors.
  • At the final stage is the development of engineering systems.

The General cycle of work is usually from 3 to 6 months. This period depends on the complexity of the design project, the area of the house and other factors.

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