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The construction of the fachwerk from «Promstroyles»

Fachwerk is one of Europe's most famous styles, which originated in the XV century, was gradually developed and improved, and today it is becoming popular in Russia. Question original appearance style remains, but his birthplace is considered to be Germany, from the German language and was the name denoting the lattice design of the frame. Originally fachwerk house had a certain look and built according to a given standard, but over time the style has undergone various changes: improved materials and updated technology. Modern fachwerk, of course, different from those types of buildings, which met earlier, but the architectural form and features that distinguish it from other, still intact.

Design element fachwerk house Design element fachwerk house Design fachwerk

Design features of fachwerk houses

Centuries later, the quality of fachwerk construction was increased, which was due to the active work on improvement of materials and technologies of construction of buildings. For the manufacture of luxury fachwerk frame is durable glued beams. All the main building's weight rests on the frame, and, in the case of repair, if You decide to replace wall panels that filled the wooden design, You can not worry about the stability of the frame, because it would not contribute to its weakening. In fachwerk construction is almost never used nails as connections using metal fasteners. The specificity of the structure permits the use of low-depth of the Foundation, which certainly affects the reduced cost of the finished building as a whole.

The design of the house fachwerk

The advantages of style

  • Efficiency. First, in this type of construction of houses the walls do not play a role bearing elements, since most of the load assumes the frame structure. These features involve the use of relatively inexpensive low-depth foundations. Second, as the wall panels of the insulated material, impregnated sandwich panel and energy-saving Windows, saving heat energy.
  • Are environmentally safe.
  • The skeleton not only performs the function of the main structure of the building, but it's also part of the design solutions, because the whole structure remains visible, which refers to the mandatory requirement and distinctive characteristic of the style. Due to the design of the facade is divided into sections, and allows to realize any design decisions.
  • Durability. Due to the special ways of processing materials and modern technologies of construction, wooden houses have a fairly long life. About it can narrate the buildings preserved after several centuries and has not lost its firmness and strength.
  • As a rule, the houses are built for a rather short time, because the frame is made in advance, using the latest equipment, and then the content is ready the Foundation of the house.

It should be noted that in addition to the construction, which is carried out according to the rules and standards, there are also decoration of the house under the style of fachwerk, which involves only the design of the facade of the building, built on any technology. The advantage is that externally fachwerk house will not differ from the construction, executed according to the rules and standards, and it is easy to carry out on their own.

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