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Fachwerk with infill CLT from «Promstroyles»

To the ear of the uninitiated the title of the article sounds most likely, utter nonsense. But man, something about the wood construction heard, to isolate it two familiar terms: fachwerk and CLT.

Fachwerk - architectural style with rendered supporting frameworkFachwerk, literally translated from German means "building sections", called, first, the type of building structure, where the supporting function of the frame is separated from the protective functions of filling the void of the frame section. Secondly, the same term refers to an architectural style where the edges of the frame jut out and visually contrast with the filling, giving the style a unique identity. This style is due to the relative cheapness (the frame was constructed from wood, and the panels used fascines, mats, woven wicker and covered with clay or mud bricks from the same clay reinforced with straw) became dominant in medieval Europe, especially in Germany. With the development of technology, reduce the cost of additional materials, came to naught. But in the modern world demanded again, thanks, first and foremost, the original aesthetics of the buildings in this style. Needless to say, as a frame, and the filler used are different, modern high-tech materials. And the quality and reliability of these structures exceeds even famous for its durability classic Fachwerk houses.

What is CLT?

An abbreviation of the English Cross Laminated Timber that can be literally translated as timber with cross layers. As a rule, or non-shrinking timber, or a massive panel called in the construction literature also CrossLam panel or x-lam panel. CLT panels- layered "cake" made up of mixed layers of wood used in modern construction as the walls and floors. As the technology of its production allows to obtain a durable quality material, which preserves natural properties of wood to "breathe", but without its disadvantages: shrinkage, cracking, and rotting. Because of such material is possible to build even multi-storey buildings.

Company «Promstroyles», offers a modern wooden structure built on the original projects in a wide variety of styles. You can order elite half-timbered houses, the frame is made of glued laminated lumber, as filler serve warm and durable panel, made by CLT technology.

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