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Fachwerk with infill of laminated veneer lumber

Once you get into this section of the site, with a high degree of probability it can be argued that you, at least in General terms – imagine what a fachwerk house, which is glued beam, and second why it is proposed to fill the first. But to repeat the basic definition of excessive is still not.

The filling in half-timbered houses glulam

The filling in fachwerk house - glued beam


Fachwerk construction business called design, where the entire burden falls on the cage wall, and the remaining space filled with any material, plays only a protective role. The architecture is called fachwerk style where the frame visible from the outside. Moreover, he often painted in dark colors, deliberately contrasting with light padding and giving the wall a recognizable graphic. Design is known since ancient times, but widespread in medieval Europe. And if the poor quality of fill used Adobe, merchants, moneylenders, city nobility and other wealthy homeowners filled microcasea space “solid” construction material – brick, stone or even wood panelling, which cut out the patterns, figures, genre scenes (the picture is an example of a patterned thread on wood panel).

The use of laminated veneer lumber fachwerk

Shale Style

Filling of laminated veneer lumber Fachwerk houses in the style of «Chalet»

Pagano Style

Luxury Italian fachwerk house from glued beams

Modern building material – coated plywood is produced from natural wood by gluing dry boards under pressure into a dense array, and so that the wood fibers in the neighboring lamellae was located multidirectional, mutually compensating the internal stress. Therefore, glued laminated timber does not warp in humidity, stronger than the original wood and almost does not shrink at final drying. Due to its properties it is almost the perfect material for fachwerk construction. Usually it is used as the main material for the frame.

Company «Promstroyles” offers and filling done from glued beams. In this case, the lumber for the wall elements are inserted into special slots on the larger section of the frame uprights. That is, the frame – in the best traditions of timber-framing remains visible on the outside. The same material of the frame and fill guarantee the synchronicity of their expansion or contraction when changes in temperature and humidity, cracks, cracks, and distortions. And the owner of elite fachwerk houses, built entirely from wood, can easily imagine themselves as the urban bourgeoisie in Germany in the ХVIII century.

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