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The production of Fachwerk from the «Promstroyles»

The style called "fachwerk" is a real boon for the construction because it has a number of advantages over other technologies for the construction of houses. Hard to believe, but originally the production houses of fachwerk was distributed among the poor people who could not afford a decent home. Not to live in a damp dugout, and have at least some roof over their heads, the poor were built simple buildings, consisting of several wooden logs, and then filled the frame with clay. Clay mixed with twigs that cracked. Surprisingly, housing was pretty solid, and that attracted the attention of wealthy citizens. Thus, and began to flourish fachwerk construction, and this type of house was evolved from a primitive shelter for the poor in luxury cottages. Today in Saint-Petersburg manufacturer fachwerk is a company «Promstroyles». We are building fachwerk houses in other regions of Russia.

Manufacture of houses fachwerk manufacturing «Promstroyles»
Manufacturer fachwerk

The panels fachwerk houses from the company «Promstroyles»

The production of fachwerk constructions «Promstroyles»
Production fachwerk

The production of structures fachwerk houses from the company «Promstroyles»

Prefabricated houses fachwerk of glued laminated lumber production «Promstroyles»
Manufacturer fachwerk-panel

Production fachwerk-panels for wooden houses from the company «Promstroyles»

Production technology fachwerk


There are several types of manufacturing:

  • Panel-fachwerk. Building fabrication is done on hydraulic Assembly tables in the factory "Promstroyles" to set a high definition of the geometric dimensions of the panel and the installation clearances of high accuracy of the junction, which allows to achieve high quality build except for the external effects of weather. The installation of the finished panels going on at the construction site in the shortest possible time.
  • Frame fachwerk. The installation of the building on this technology involves the manual construction of the frame and filling the walls, glulam, CLT slabs glued or insulated panels. In other words, the construction of the house proiskhodit with a complete set for the internal load-bearing walls, frame and other construction materials on the site for a building.
Prefabricated houses fachwerk
The production of fachwerk houses

What are the advantages of fachwerk?

On a more positive note the construction of the premises in the style of fachwerk, it is worth mentioning these undeniable advantages:

  1. Fachwerk houses are highly durable and will last You for years. This is evidenced by the structures remaining from the past centuries to the present day.
  2. The walls do not bear weight training, the whole mass rests on a frame of beams. You can easily clean the walls, remove the house without fear to weaken the reliability and stability of the structure.
  3. Due to the small load it is possible to use enough not embedded Foundation. And this, in turn, will save both money and time.
  4. Beams are connected without nails, in some places connected with metal fasteners.
  5. Fachwerk construction involves filling the frame different materials that takes less time than standard construction homes. Thus, You build their homes pretty quickly.
  6. You choose the material to fill the space between the uprights. Your domobrani warm in the most severe frosts, if You choose a material with low thermal conductivity and insulated sandwich panels.
  7. Beams are not closed by the material and remain outside exposed to the gaze. It adds features appearance and frame racks, therefore, are not only a carrier function and aesthetic.


The production of fachwerk houses
The production of fachwerk houses

Despite the fancy appearance of modern houses this unique style, the construction of buildings is not a difficult process, so some customers order a housing without installation. It includes several stages:

  1. Initially, you need to draft a future home, with all the features, calculations and drawings.
  2. Then select the material for the frame. In this construction the fabrication of racks is mainly glued laminated timber, which in their qualities are higher than normal wood.
  3. Next, select the fill megalocnus space. They can be not only the sandwich panels, and glazing. Today it is very fashionable to completely cover the cells with glass. At first glance this design seems unreliable, but, on the contrary – glass has low thermal conductivity and, therefore, will keep the heat in the room.
  4. The material must have insulation, for example, concrete or cork layer.

If You decide to build a house, "Promstroyles" offers You services such as design and production houses. Fachwerk is a modern and stylish solution which will allow for a short time to erect a unique structure. Our staff will help You to develop the project with all the wishes and features. Our company works with various regions of Russia: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Yekaterinburg. In addition to construction services powercow turnkey, we can offer our customers to buy domokomplekt half-timbered houses without erection or with the base installation of bearing structures of timber framing.

Fachwerk in the Italian style «Pagano»


Fachwerk houses in the German style

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