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Photo ready fachwerk houses «Promstroyles»

It is considered that the fachwerk style originated in Germany, and why there was such a name.
Houses built in this form, common in many countries, and today are often found on the territory of Russia.


Photos of the interiors of fachwerk houses

Fachwerk construction is immediately distinguished by their unique design from the others due to the peculiar construction technology. In every country it can have peculiarities and differences, and this makes it unique in its own way, but one detail remains unchallenged is the frame structure, which is a distinctive feature of houses of this type.



The frame rack is made for the house of laminated veneer lumber or elite of deadwood, while the list of options for filling the space between the beams is quite wide:

  • sandwich panel;
  • brick;
  • foam concrete;
  • wood;
  • windows.

Frame construction allows a fairly large area to fill with glass, and a remarkable type of such construction. So the interior fachwerk immediately acquires exceptional style. The space is filled with light, which visually expands the room and makes Your home cosy and spacious and also brings it closer to European standards.

The exterior of the house fachwerk Exterior fachwerk house The exterior of the house

The company «Promstroyles» engaged in the construction of the fachwerk houses in Europe and mainly in the regions of Russia: St.-Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg. We offer projects and construction of housing of varying complexity. The interior of the half-timbered houses, you can choose to your taste: You might like to try the classic option, or You decide to choose ultra-modern modern. Examples of possible interiors You will find in the directory pages of the website of the company «Promstroyles», which presents photos of living rooms with wood trim, the interior in the style of "Modern modern" and, of course, a classic that never goes out of fashion.

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