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About wooden construction professionals say

General Director of «Promstroyles» Evgeniy Islamov acted as an expert when creating an article «House like a miracle» for the Federal newspaper «Trud», dedicated to the practical implementation of the concept of construction of wooden multi-storey houses in Russia.

Wooden house CLT Wooden house CLT Wooden house CLT

As noted in an interview, «Promstroyles» four years ago the first in our country to start production and the construction of houses on CLT-technology, which is today recognized worldwide.

The specificity of multi-storey wooden house is saving time is not immediately several stages of construction. First, it prevents so-called "wet" processes, then the savings on the Foundation of the house and zero point of construction, and once built a box house, for example, the layout of wiring and simplified communications utilities several times. Faster is the process of building wooden high-rise buildings when all panels are manufactured in the factory and on the construction site, they simply adjust to each other and fixed.

Today, there are several hundred of successfully implemented projects for the construction of multi-storey wooden buildings in Norway, France, England and Italy.

The interior of the house from CLT plates:

Wooden home interior CLT Wooden home interior CLT Wooden home interior CLT

Multistory building from CLT plates:

Multistory building from CLT plates Multi-storey wooden house from CLT plates Multistory building from CLT plates

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