Construction Technology


Produced materials «Promstroyles»

Laminated veneer lumber (knot "dovetail")
Laminated veneer lumber (Tyrolean corner)
Dimensionally stable glulam
Frame-panel with plaster
Frame and panel + glulam
Italian Fachwerk (veneer Iroko)
Fachwerk with filling of laminated veneer lumber
Fachwerk with infill CLT
Fachwerk with glulam with cork

Leader in the production of wooden building materials

For the production of building materials from timber company “Promstroyles” harvests forest in the North-East of the Leningrad region in Tikhvin district. Tikhvin is one of our plants where the advanced European woodworking equipment we cylindering and primary sawing of logs. The final product produces our high-tech plant in Saint-Petersburg (Metallostroy), where we produce the most advanced wood building materials.

In particular, the CLT-panel we started to release the first not only in Russia but throughout Eastern Europe. Today we are the first to bring to the market non-shrinking, laminated veneer lumber, glued beam and a real insulated tube glued laminated timber, not offered by most manufacturers of narrow boxes made of boards with insulation inside. "Promstroyles" offers its customers a new perspective on centuries-proven framing: frame of laminated veneer lumber we fill the widescreen panoramic glass, the same glulam or CLT panels, which guarantees along with the reliability of high aesthetic quality of the home. Frame and panel construction we also have proprietary technology that gives better quality than the standard sandwich panel.

The quality of our materials allows us not only to export our products for Rubеж (we supply wall panels, СLT-plate, glued and profiled timber in Germany, Sweden, Ireland and other European countries), but also to offer in foreign markets.  at home of these materials, built turn-key. France, Holland, Norway also appreciated our modern, reliable, durable and beautiful buildings, the quality of which we can be proud of.

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