Construction Technology


Photo: House Turn-key

House of laminated timber insulated with cork oak area of 280 m2




Useful information

Which technology is suitable for homes year-round?

For homes year-round in the region of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow the necessary thermal resistance is R = 3.1 m2·°C/watt. On this basis, the house is for living can be: frame and panel constructed of CLT panels (X-lam technology), a half-timbered house from the winter of laminated veneer lumber/logs (composite laminated beams with cork agglomerate). Traditional glulam, glued beam, manual cutting and cylindering relate to country houses for seasonal residence. For example, glued laminated timber 200 mm is R = 1.7 m2·°C/W, (instead of 3.1 m2·°C/watt).



The layout of the cottage

Plan 1st floor
  • Terrace (input): 11,45 m2
  • Terrace: 35,6 m2
  • Hallway: 8 m2
  • Wardrobe: 3,5 m2
  • Steamshop 6,2 m2
  • Hall: 14,7 m2
  • Bathroom: 8,8 m2
  • Bedroom 1: 18,8 m2
  • Pantry: 3,5 m2
  • Kitchen-dining-living room: 59,3 m2
Plan 1 floor house design GB-168
Plan 2 floors
  • Hall: 14,2 m2
  • Wardrobe: 6,7 m2
  • Bathroom: 6,7 m2
  • Bedroom 1: 19,4 m2
  • Bedroom 2: 15,75 m2
  • Bedroom 3: 18,8 m2
  • Bedroom 4: 16,8 m2
  • Bathroom: 7 m2
  • Balcony: 7,5 m2
Plan 2 floor house design GB-168


How to find out the price for a typical or individual project fachwerk houses?

  1. Consult employees in the office or on the phone: +7 (800) 775-83-84;
  2. Independently visit the «calculator» or «send request» through the form located below..


Joinery products of own production

Manufacturer of balcony blocks and wood Windows


Our company manufactures wooden window and balcony blocks on the German technology of pine. For the production of window units use three-layer glued laminated timber with a thickness of 82 mm own production. For the manufacture of lumber is used, the Board of radial cut, which is a multi-stage treatment cycle on the equipment imported.

The production of entrance and interior doors


Plant "Promstroyles" makes entrance, interior and balcony doors of three layer glued laminated timber of its own production on German equipment in accordance with modern quality standards. Balcony or interior doors are equipped with triple-pane glass with a thickness of 36 mm.

Manufacturing of of wooden stairs


One of the proposals of the company "Promstroyles" is manufacturing of wooden stairs, created according to the wishes of the customer and the overall style of the room. Stairs from glued beams are made from high quality of wood (conifer, beech and oak). Manufacturing of the main parts of the ladder is automatic CNC German company "IMAKlessmannGmbH".

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