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Luxury Italian Fachwerk

Pagano Style

Italian style “Pagano” – the classic of luxury fachwerk houses of the present day.


The projects of elite cottages in the style of “Pagano”

Exclusive timber houses and villas of unique beauty.



Building Of An Elite Fachwerk “Turn-Key” House

A totally ready premium-class fachwerk house: from foundation to roof with engineering communications (heating system, heated floors, plumbing, sewerage, electric al networks).

The advantages of “Pagano” style from “Promstroyles”

  1. Posts and beams of a fachwerk house have a profile geometry, so extra linings, that later are free with forming gaps, are not required.
  2. Filling blank walls and partitions with 100% natural timber with a cork insulation.
  3. At the plant (90% of cases) the posts of a fachwerk house and its internal filling are compiled directly into the ready wall panels with window setting. Then everything is mounted with a crane within hours on the building site.
  4. Coloring of all surfaces including ceilings is carried out at the plant, so after installation a client gets 100% finishing throughout the house.
  5. Overlapping is carried out with cross laminated timbers (CLT) of own production, that is both an acoustic plate (soundproofing) and a fine ceiling.
  6. Most of canals for electricity networks are made at the manufacturer.
  7. Own production and the staffing with windows, doors and stairs, allows a flexible approach to the wishes of the customer and ruling out the logistical risks.
  8. Pre-assembly and check assembly are carried out at the plant in order to eliminate an error during the installation on the building site.
  9. A project department of the company is pleased to offer any architectural style, from country to high-tech, in timber fachwerk technology.
  10. Wecanagetimber, decorate it with valuable species or completely cover it up, turning into metal, stone or other modern materials.
  11. We have an ideal ratio of price and quality.

“Pagano” Style Is A New Life Of An Elite Fachwerk House

Modern Elite Fachwerk Construction Is Premium-Class Cottages

Reliable and durable post-and-beam constructions, under the term “fachwerk”, are very popularagain due to development of new technologies in building of timber houses. If you decide to become an owner of such a reliable house you can buy a luxury “turn-key” cottage in fachwerk style in our company. We work with the regions of Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg.

“Promstroyles” company offers elite fachwerk houses, whose framework is made of traditional or non-shrink in glued laminated timber, that is much better in strength and durability than classic wood. And the filling you can choose on your own. It may be the same glued laminated timber, and CLT-panels, and insulated panel with traditional plaster. But whatever you choose,you will choose a house for yourselves and your children for ages. So if you made your choice and decided to buy a project of an elite house in fachwerk style, our company is happy to help you.

Video: an exclusive cottage in “Pagano” style

  • The combination of quality and elegance.
  • Combined design.
  • An open terrace.
  • “Shale” style.
  • Resistance of a structure.
  • Panoramic glazing.
  • Furniture paint quality.
  • Wall insulation with oak cork “Corkbeam”.
  • Decoration with mahogany.
  • 100% glass and timber.


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