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The production of wall and ceiling panels from valuable breeds of wood

«Promstroyles»® - manufactured ceiling and wall panels since 1996.

Manufacturer of wall panels made of wood
Manufacturer of ceiling panels wood
The production of wall panels made of precious wood

What is wall panels

The decorating the interior wooden wall panels and the much more common and low priced way to finish than people think. You can think of many cottages from friends with wood. But lining – nothing but a wooden slatted bar.

What good is a wall panel at all? Their installation is fairly simple, and the resulting surface for further finishing is not required. Special training base to produce also not necessary, since panels are attached to slatted frame. Finally, at the same time with the decorating to make insulation and sound insulation, because the frame under the panel, you can lay mineral wool or similar material.

Panel – wall -, and ceiling – vary in material, size and shape. The material can be used wood, plastic, glass, MDF and even leather or textile. Mind same panel divided into rack inlaid, inlaid tile and sheet. The first is popularly known lining.

Wooden wall panels
Wooden ceiling panel
Wooden wall panels from valuable breeds of wood

Wooden wall panels

The company "Promstroyles", which produces construction materials from wood provides you with the wooden wall panels prices are the lowest in St. Petersburg. You can buy them separately or order the interior decoration in the construction of our project house. The main advantage of the panels of wood is their environmental friendliness. But the drawbacks of natural wood that is typical of the products – in particular, the dependence of geometric dimensions of humidity and temperature in rooms. Wood can swell and starting to mummify. The result apart seams between panels or cracks on the panels. To avoid this, we recommend you to use this material for finishing areas where temperature and humidity regimes is relatively stable.

In addition, the "Promstroyles" offers you exclusive panels from valuable breeds of wood, some of which can easily tolerate humidity and temperature changes. We buy overall, more than 80 trunks of wood around the world: in Brazil and Cameroon, USA and Indonesia, Laos and the Caucasus region. Modern equipment own factory in St. Petersburg, we do carry out a full processing cycle, from sawing and drying, and finishing grading and painting. Our experts have undergone training and practice in the most prestigious European interior design showrooms and have their own years of experience. So we can afford to work individually with each client at the level of «design art studio».

If you want to get the exclusive finish of your wooden house – contact "Promstroyles" and book unique wooden wall panels. The price can be quite high, but the result, believe me, is worth it.

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