Construction Technology


Design and installation of all engineering systems

the Construction of wooden houses «turnkey», along with direct construction of the walls and the summing up under the roof includes the design and installation of engineering systems.

Company «Promstroyles” are ready to provide these services in full and taking into account the wishes of the customer.

Utilities wood residential buildings include the following types of networks:

  • heating (electric, furnace, fireplace, natural gas);
  • electricity (Central network, offline backup generator, solar panels);
  • water supply (boreholes, wells, water line, pumping station);
  • sewer (local wastewater treatment facilities, the Central collector).

Engineering services in a private home

Design and installation of engineering systems of a wooden house

  1. Heating of a private house

    One of the most important communication networks of the wooden house. Can be mounted different types of heating systems depending on the individual preferences and the availability of a particular type of fuel. As fuel for boilers used diesel oil, gasoline, fuel pellets, biofuel. Experts «Promstroyles” can carry out the design and installation of heating, taking into account characteristics of the structure, efficiency and economic costs.

  2. The power of a private house

    In addition to the design, installation, and connection to the Central network, we offer the arrangement of a backup source of electrical power. This is useful in case if your country station is not connected or does not have access to the Central power supply. It should take into account the fact that the country's electricity system more susceptible to power surges and interruptions in power supply. In this case, the invaluable backup of the Autonomous generator. Our specialists design supply and installation of electricity, taking into account all necessary safety requirements and easy operation.

  3. Private home water

    Our company develops various variants of arrangement of water supply. The water supply system can be implemented from a Central source, if the house is in a cottage settlement near a city, or completely offline. For this purpose, can be implemented well or well. Water pipe can be buried below the freezing depth of soil to be warmed or advanced. Water is supplied through pumping stations or through a holding tank. Our specialists have the necessary experience in order to carry out the design of water supply of any complexity.

  4. Sewerage private home

    A necessary component of modern comfortable housing. We are ready to mount a full sewage system or to build local treatment facilities (VOCS). Design of sewage requires the necessary experience, competent and experienced professionals. We can confidently say that we have all the components to make installation of internal engineering systems at a high level and in a short time.

The main advantages of the company «Promstroyles»

  • experience on the market for over 20 years;
  • more than 3,000 built projects in different countries of the world;
  • its own production of modern and quality materials from wood for the construction of residential buildings;
  • modern high-tech equipment;
  • availability of all necessary certificates for the products;
  • introducing innovative solutions;
  • to use only natural materials;
  • full range of services from design and construction, including the installation of utilities, before delivery of object in operation.


Most likely, the most reasonable solution is still to purchase house from glued beams «turnkey» from company «Promstroyles».
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