Construction Technology


Fabrication and installation of stairs from the «Promstroyles»

«Promstroyles»® - we produce wooden ladders in 1996.

The production of ladders to order
Manufacture wooden stairs
Production of stairs made of solid wood

One of the proposals of the company "Promstroyles" is the production and sale of wooden ladders that are created according to the wishes of the customer and the overall style of the premises for which they are intended. This circumstance, and the fact that the stairs plywood prices that are quite affordable, made of quality wood (conifers, beech and oak), allow us to design truly elegant and beautiful interior. We emphasize that any ladder can be either standard and to be decorated with original details, unusual shapes.

The design of ladders is performed using the computer program "CompassSoftware" (Germany). The program allows to optimize the calculation of the main parts of the stair in existing opening taking into account the allowed values of the height and width of stage, in order to obtain a product with the most comfortable settings recovery.

Timber for stairs
A sample ladder in the office «Promstroyles»
Sample wooden stairs

Elements of fencing (posts, balusters, handrails), invitation stage are manufactured according to the wishes of the customer. Manufacturing of the main parts of the stairs made on the machine with numerical control of the German company "IMAKlessmannGmbH" in automatic mode for files created by a computer program "CompassSoftware" that provides high accuracy (tolerance 0.2 mm) the manufacture of parts, easy adjustments without the collection of the stairs, a small time manufacturing.

Used for the production of laminated shield thickness of 40-50mm of own production (depending on the wood species and the loads on the ladder).

Stairs in the interior of houses from glued beams
Ready-made wooden stairs in the house from glued beams
The stairs in the house from glued beams

Versions of wooden stairs

Various options are possible of performance, for example:

  1. Direct March
  2. Direct March from the steps
  3. Rotate 90 degrees with the ground
  4. The 90 degree turn winder stairs
  5. Turn 180 degrees with the site
  6. The 180-degree turn winder stairs
  7. With a turn to 270 degrees
  8. Radius stringer
  9. Stairs free form
The staircase in the house of glued logs
Ready-made wooden stairs in the frame house
The stairs in the house from glued beams
The staircase in the interior of the house framing
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