Construction Technology


Fabrication and installation of floor coverings made of valuable wood

The company "Promstroyles" is a modern high-tech enterprise for the construction of wooden houses and the production of all necessary wood components. In Saint-Petersburg is a multipurpose production complex with an area of about 12 thousand square meters. It is equipped with a computer-controlled machine tools from leading European companies "Paul", "Rex", "Grikon", "Polzer" and others. Our drying chamber simultaneously accommodate up to eight cubic meters of wood. The factory 5 production lines, which produce glued laminated timber and glued timber, wall and ceiling panels, Windows and doors, moulding and furniture.

Elite floors from «Promstroyles»

Exclusive flooring from valuable breeds of woodFor our elite wooden houses we also manufacture and install flooring from valuable breeds of wood. Overall the trunks of more than 80 valuable breeds we are buying in all continents, and then sawing, drying and made from this wood parquet and engineered plank or directly massive profiled a Board which is laid as a floor covering.

Red ebony half in strength almost equal to steel in combination with bright walls of the lunar ebony with black veins will decorate any interior. Heavy-duty African iroko will serve you for decades. The durable and heavy wood American Hickory – from time immemorial used for the production of fine furniture, flooring, solid Board. The white color of its sapwood perfectly with the brown (from pale to saturated red) core.

If you need exclusive floors safe and beautiful – contact "Promstroyles". We can produce and Astelin in your home floors that will delight not only you but also your children and grandchildren.

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