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Fabrication and installation of Windows from the «Promstroyles»

«Promstroyles»® - manufacture of wooden window and balcony blocks since 1996.

Manufacture of Windows to order
Manufacture wooden Windows
Production of window units

Our company manufactures wooden window and balcony blocks on the German technology of pine. For the production of window frames is used three-layer glued laminated timber thickness 82 mm own production.

For the manufacture of lumber is used, the Board of radial cut, which is a multi-stage treatment cycle on the equipment imported:

  1. Drying in special drying chambers to a moisture content of 10%
  2. Elimination of defects of wood
  3. Splicing of the slats along the length on the finger joint
  4. Calibration slats to glue
  5. Perekleivanie slats on the press glue P.I.-111 (made in Japan), class D4
  6. Final planing of timber

The result is the design of the timber, which has higher strength compared to the beam from the array prevents any warping and ensures dimensional accuracy.

The projects window designs

Manufacture of Windows to order
Manufacture wooden Windows
Production of window units

The further processing of ready-made window beam is produced at the angular center "Unicontrol6" (Germany) in three stages:

  1. Cutting finger joints frames and sashes
  2. The internal profiling profile frames and sashes
  3. Assembly of frames and sashes (hydraulic vajma)
  4. Profiling the outer profile of the valves.

For painting products use water soluble coatings of the German company "Sikkens", designed specifically for painting Windows.

Processing of products takes place in 4 stages:

  1. Manual grinding
  2. Impregnation primer-antiseptic by dipping
  3. More needs to be polished and finishing seams with a sealant
  4. Painting in 2 coats by airless spray painting machine, Wagner intermediate drying air in the drying chamber conveyor type.

When picking products uses high-quality components from German production: firms compactors "Schlegel" and "Deventer", furniture ROTONT company "RotoFrankAG". The use of these components ensures long and reliable operation of the products.

For glazing of window units uses triple-pane Windows manufactured by CJSC "Metrobor". For the production of glass the company uses imported high-quality glass manufacturers: "Pilkington", "Saint-Gobain", "Glaverbel", "Guardian". It is possible to manufacture insulating glass with a variety of performance properties through the use of various combinations of glass: heat, sun, tempered, heated, soundproof, safe (triplex), the toilets and the installation of films of different properties. Sealing of glass in a window unit sealant is imported.

Manufacture of Windows to order
Manufacture wooden Windows
Production of window units
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