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Design of all sections of the working draft

Design of housesSo you've decided to start building a house. Where to start?

First of all, a first step is the design of the house. Complete information necessary for the implementation of projects of any complexity, contains the working draft from the manufacturer, which is based on and design solutions conceptual design and architectural drawings, and design calculations, and diagrams. In addition, the project is complemented by engineering solutions in electricity, heating and ventilation, water supply and sanitation. On the basis of the working of the project and calculated the cost of construction.

Design of wooden houses, cottages and villas from «Promstroyles»

Integrated design of houses, cottages and villas, includes the development of architectural ideas and then create all documentation.

Architectural design (AR) involves two stages:

  1. Stage EP (thumbnail)
  2. Stage of AR Architectural design

Development project consists of two sections:

  1. Wooden structure.
  2. Wooden structure detail.

Foundation Project (ground floor). Section of QOL.

Design project, includes detailed development of interior solutions with their support.

landscape Design, includes the development and improvement of the site to support.

Project «Engineering network» includes:

  1. Heating and ventilation
  2. Water supply and Sewerage
  3. Electrification and low-voltage networks

The cost of designing:

  • Preliminary design – 150 rub/m2
  • Architectural solutions – 150 rub/m2
  • Wooden structure – 300 rub/m2
  • Wooden structure detail – 200 rub/m2
  • Section of QOL – 250 rub/m2
  • Heating, water (cold, hot water), Sewerage – from 250 rub/m2
  • Electrician and low-voltage networks – from 100 rub/m2

Total cost of the design house «turnkey»* 1400 rub/m2

When ordering the construction of houses "turnkey" all sections of design is free (included in the cost of the work).

If necessary, develop solutions for communication networks, gas supply, installation of burglar alarms and other engineering systems. In addition to all sections of the attached lists of required building materials and products (specifications) and the estimate for construction.

In the end, the working project is being implemented in about this set of documents:

  • General explanatory note;
  • General layout
  • relief organization;
  • architectural solutions;
  • technological solutions;
  • constructive solutions;
  • engineering equipment;
  • project construction management;
  • estimate calculation construction cost.

Working documentation of the houses from the manufacturer

On the basis of these documents, developed detailed documentation: diagrams, drawings, specifications, explanatory notes and other, intended to be used directly on the construction site.

If you are building houses from glued beams or other wood materials under the key, you probably will be the relevant documents of the project at each stage of the work, from laying the Foundation to build the roof. Plus the design project of interiors and the plan of settling the land.

Documentation is necessary because disciplinarum manufacturers and builders, allows to avoid errors in the process of house construction and to control the quality of works on site. Moreover, it reflects the optimal solutions found in the design phase of construction, which means it allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and guarantee some savings during construction.

On the basis of documents in the future, you will receive the final cost. Home prices are indicated in the relevant sections of our website.

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